Hello everyone!

We hope this update comes to you in happy times as we all move through recovering from close to two years of challenges, changes and reflection.

It’s been almost a year since our last update on The Departure Train, but we are still on the journey and on track to present our exciting audio play to you soon!

In early 2021, Michelle and Nicole continued to work on the script alongside our new collaborator, sound designer Phil Strong. We played with creating a scratch dialogue for Phil to experiment with and he presented us with the first 10 minutes of the play with a draft musical score. Michelle and Nicole were completely blown away by the effects and surge of emotion that comes from the musical and audio story that rides along with Audrey’s afterlife journey. We were thrilled to be moving forward in this way!

In April 2021, we held online auditions for all the roles and ended up with an amazing cast of phenomenal actors:  Jane Hunter, Chris Irving, Pamela Barker, Melanie Stevenson, Lynn Oldershaw, Scott Moore, Michael Pearson, and Naomi Peltz.  At that time, however, we realized that we would need to wait a while before we entered a recording studio in order for everyone to get vaccinated and for the studio to establish the necessary safety protocols.  Eventually, we were able to conduct our rehearsals (online) and then record in the studio mid September 2021. Our two recording days were filled with excitement and passion as we brought these characters to life!  We also video recorded the session in order to have footage for future marketing purposes. Our train is accelerating!!

As Phil busies himself with creating the original score, Michelle and Nicole are planning for The Departure Train private and public launches.  At this time, we are looking for a Marketing Specialist to join our team to ensure The Departure Train reaches its destination – the station of people’s ears, imagination and hearts.

We will of course let you know well in advance of the train’s arrival time.  In the meantime, we wish you all the very best for this holiday season.  See you in 2022! 

Nicole Arends (Director)
Michelle Tocher (Playwright)