The Departure Train Audio Play

We recommend listening to the play with headphones in a quiet room with soft lighting where you will not be disturbed for 85 minutes.

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  1. Joanne Deane

    I just finished listening to this beautifully touching story. I almost said watching because it was so nice to sit back with the headphones on and allow my imagination to open the visual landscape of the story. I know I will be processing my own unresolved issues with deceased loved ones with a more hopeful and optimistic vision after listening to this story.
    I found it very emotionally stirring as it reminded me of secrets kept from me in my own family which some have never been revealed. This story gives me some hope that I might find peace within my heart through dreams or the knowing that on the other side the story is still being worked through by my ancestors and family members. I believe healing of hurt or trauma works on many levels and dimensions of space and time. Thank you so much for this train ride into a deeper awareness of Love. I wonder were the next stop will take me?

  2. Mark Jenkins

    The Departure Train was a sneak peek into the afterlife. It’s so true, all families have secrets. After the Departure Train I was encouraged to work towards a resolution, before the afterlife. Thanks for such a beautifully crafted offering.

  3. Vanderwal Jan

    Bravo! Exceptional in so many ways!!

  4. Hannah

    What a beautiful work of art! I don’t listen to audiobooks or other materials often, but the play was so enthralling & the sound so well-produced that I didn’t miss having a visual at all. The Wonderlit team really brought the story to life.

    It was a magical & meaningful journey. I lost my mother 10 years ago, so tales of parental loss & mother-daughter relationships can hit me hard – this story was told so well – layers of subtle nuance & recurring themes unfolded amidst the mundane details of everyday struggles & very relatable characters.

    I admit, I did cry, more than once, but they were cathartic & hopeful tears. I recommend The Departure Train to anyone coping with loss as well as general audiences wanting a deeper perspective on life’s journey.


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