Staged Reading

The Departure Train

by Michelle Tocher

The Departure Train by Michelle Tocher has been in development since summer 2017 with Nicole Arends as the dramaturge.  A table read of the play was held in May 2018 and after incorporating the feedback, a more elaborate staged reading was held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on Dec 2, 2018.  This staged reading involved blocking and experimentation with aspects of the staging that would express the unique world of the play and create the “language” for each distinct Act. Nicole used staging devices to indicate the “feel” of the afterlife, and the creative team tapped into how this other dimension “moves”.

“I was a certain me going in and I am a different me coming out. A better me. This is the power of some art and I believe this play has that sort of magic inside it. It is beautifully written.”

~ Layne Coleman

Invite & Program

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“It’s an engaging play – I had dreams about these characters all last night.”

~ Anne Tait