The Departure Train

A life-changing ride into the afterlife

Welcome Aboard!

The Departure Train is a ground-breaking, 85-minute audio play written by Michelle Tocher with direction by Nicole Arends, and sound design and music by Phil Strong.

About The Play

Put on your headphones and ride The Departure Train beyond life as we know it. When Audrey Doyle dies, a mysterious conductor leads her to board a train that will take her on a journey through the terrain of her life to face buried truths and leave a shining legacy. This immersive listening experience offers an inspiring and cathartic perspective on life, death, and the gifts we leave behind.
The Departure Train Title




This powerful play will be available for listening during the next full moon, from June 19 to 24.


“Thank you so much for this train ride into a deeper awareness of Love.”

~ Joanne Deane

“This is the passage of a train moving through the fire of truth. There are hard things being faced. But where the train ends up is earned and glorious.”

~ Layne Coleman

“This play deserves to be exposed on a big stage and experienced by as many people as possible.”

~ Joanne Pacini

“Fantastic, fantabulous, fan-frickin-amazing! The soundtrack, the music (oh the music!!!) and the wonderful actors – brilliant! I was enthralled from beginning to end.”

~ Judith Fiore

“I just finished this incredible audio journey and am blown away. I cried, and laughed and cried again – it was stunning. Moving, magical, and so beautifully written and produced.”

~ Kristen Roderick

“The Departure Train was a sneak peek into the afterlife. It’s so true, all families have secrets. After the Departure Train I was encouraged to work towards a resolution, before the afterlife. Thanks for such a beautifully crafted offering.”

~ Mark Jenkins

“Bravo! Exceptional in so many ways!!”

~ Vanderval Jan

“I admit, I did cry, more than once, but they were cathartic & hopeful tears. I recommend The Departure Train to anyone coping with loss as well as general audiences wanting a deeper perspective on life’s journey.”

~ Hannah Custis

“The Departure Train extends the possibility of happy endings into the afterlife. What a gift!”

~ Maryaleen Trafford

“What an interesting story it is, about mothers and daughters and providing the healing in that relationship … what a great place to go to and mull over. I thought too, hearing it now, that it has a lovely balance of lightness and depth, with the train journey, the conductor…. And the bag of faith – love that.”

~ Ruth Danziger

“A shimmering tapestry– deftly and lovingly woven. Congratulations!”

~ Jean Sheppard

“I love Audrey’s journey, the device of the faith in a bag and that being a gentle joke between her and Pat. I also like how there seems to be a rounding connecting to the end and moments of life, where time is irrelevant, and Audrey is connected to all of the relevant points in her memory. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful project with me (and the world)!”

~ Ariel Hudnall

“I listened to The Departure Train last night! What a treat! Sooooooo beautiful. The music was fabulous and complemented the world of these characters perfectly. The story was so touching for me and I really entered the lives of the characters deeply. I loved the rich tones of each voice I listened to. The fact that I could imagine it all because it was VO, was a plus. Bravo 👏 Truly a labor of love, and it really shows.”

~ Sunday Muse

“You never disappoint, Michelle. It is lovely. A gem. I really enjoyed it. And the acting is superb.”

~ ChaCha Chapin

“A fascinating story based on a woman travelling back over her life at the moment of her death, a trip that leads to self-discovery and redemption. It’s never too late!

~ Kristine Greenaway

“Dramatically engaging from start to finish, funny, and emotionally very moving. Deeply rich in ideas and themes.”

~ David Adkin

“Such a beautiful journey with human frailties captured in an authentic adventure where time becomes one with closure.”

~ Hélène Murray

“It’s an engaging play … I had dreams of these characters all night.”

~ Ann Tait