The Departure Train

A life-changing ride into the afterlife

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The Departure Train is a ground-breaking, 85-minute audio play written by Michelle Tocher with direction by Nicole Arends, and sound design and music by Phil Strong.

About The Play

Put on your headphones and ride The Departure Train into the afterlife! When Audrey Doyle dies, a mysterious conductor leads her to board a train that will take her on a journey through the terrain of her life to face truths she has spent a lifetime trying to bury. This immersive listening experience offers an inspiring, cathartic, and comforting perspective on life and the afterlife.

The Departure Train Title

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We recommend listening to the play with headphones in a quiet room with soft lighting where you will not be disturbed for 85 minutes.


“This is the passage of a train moving through the fire of truth. There are hard things being faced. But where the train ends up is earned and glorious.
~ Layne Coleman