The Departure Train

A life-changing ride into the afterlife

Welcome Aboard!

The Departure Train is an audio play written by Michelle Tocher with direction by Nicole Arends, and sound design and music by Phil Strong.

About The Play

The Departure Train is a story about a woman who dies and boards a train in the afterlife. Guided by a mysterious conductor, she embarks feeling free and unshackled. But she soon discovers that in order to leave a legacy of love for her two daughters, she has to journey through the terrain of her life and face truths she spent a lifetime trying to bury.

The story transports us beyond the frame of ordinary life and into a richly imagined afterlife. It offers comfort, inspires us to consider our own meaningful legacies, and encourages us to validate the intimate events that happen around the death of a loved one.

“This is the passage of a train moving through the fire of truth. There are hard things being faced. But where the train ends up is earned and glorious.
~ Layne Coleman

“It’s an engaging play – I had dreams about these characters all last night.”

~ Anne Tait